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Plus Buttin Beige
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Feel the flow

James wanted to showcase what he does and be somewhere were people can easily find more information. As such it was important to have a clear structure to the site with a flow to it, something it previously lacked. Easy navigation options and call to action buttons allow James's customers to easily find what they want quickly, and enable James more time to coach.

JJ Putting Mobile

Designed for mobile

Understanding your customer, customers is imperative. Knowing that golfers will generally search golf related topics whilst away from their home leads us to design mobile first.

Easy navigation options. Clear clean text and scroll options, ensure the customer freely finds what they want. All features on the desktop work seamlessly on mobile, allowing large booking options and easy touch buttons.

On the fly updates

James works on the go, outside and around the world. As such an intuitive CMS with mobile app allows for real time updates anywhere in the world anytime of the day.

Less work, less stress and more information to the customer, all keys to a successful business.

JJ Putting Mobile CMS App
JJ Putting SEO

Search Engine Optimised

James is one of the best at what he does. So its important that the people searching for someone with his knowledge find him.

James appears on page one of google for all key metrics. We've integrated google tag manager and analytic tools so as he grows the site grows.

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