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Just like a fair

Heirloom Fairies built their trade in the country and Christmas fairs around the world.

We replicated that feeling and personality using Shopify CMS to create a chic website that is easy for both the customer and client to use and grow.

Heirloom Fairies Web Home Page
Heirloom Fairies Mobile ProductHeirloom Fairies Mobile ProductHeirloom Fairies Mobile Product


Heirloom Fairies sells the majority of their products at the fairs and shows they attend, but expanding into the digital market was necessary. Having a responsive website tailored to mobile.

This acts two fold.

1) It acts as a store front for customers to browse all their products, including the ones not at the show.

2) It improves conversion and repeat customers, for when the latest designs are released.

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A simple, elegant design

Decretive Craft
Heirloom Fairies Web Home Page
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